Heather Tyson

Labor and Postpartum Doula

“I serve families in the Wichita Falls area by providing emotional, physical and educational support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. My goal is to empower families through their entire birth experience.”


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Doula assisted mothers are two times less likely  to experience birth complications.

“Although the desired outcome is ‘healthy mother,healthy baby’, I think there is room in that equation for ‘happy, non-traumatized, empowered and elated mother and baby’.”

Ashley Booth Young

Support for Your Mind Body and Soul

The experiences you have during pregnancy and birth will shape the memories you carry for the rest of your life.  I am dedicated to providing invaluable emotional and physical support with kindness and respect using evidence based knowledge.  

With several years of mental health support experience, you can rest assured that you and your family will feel safe, informed and empowered.

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Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

With several options available, you can receive the personalized support you need throughout all stages of your journey. 


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“Heather Tyson, you saved my life. You brought me into your group and held my hand while I cried and grieved my sons diagnosis and the uncertainty of his survival. Sat with my babies to offer support and relief when I hadn’t slept in days, after we got to bring him home. You are the biggest reason I survived those weeks when my postpartum was so bad that I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you my friend for bringing a candle to walk alongside me in the dark and help me find my way back in the light.”

Nicole Dollarhide


“My last child (#5!) was unplanned and a complete surprise for me. My husband and I were having problems with our marriage at the time. I became very anxiety ridden and even depressed. I was worried I was too old to have another baby or that his/her siblings were going to be too old to give him/her attention. Heather picked up quickly with just a few random fb posts that something wasn’t quite right. She was halfway across the country from me, but always reached out via messenger to check on me. She talked me through each doubt I was having and told me to check into pregnancy anxiety and depression. I didn’t realize it was something that happens during pregnancy like that. She encouraged me to talk to my doctor who confirmed it. She also helped me realize that I should not be ashamed of my anxieties or depressive thoughts. Thankfully with Heathers help, just talking to me often, I did not end up needing medication. I honestly, do not know if we (baby & I) would have gotten through the pregnancy without her(Heather). I couldn’t sleep many nights and Heather was always readily available to chat. I always felt so much better after each talk we had.
Fortunately, the further along I got, the easier things got. I was worried about post-partum depression, but ended up being fine. Heather continued to check on me to make sure all was well with me mentally. I now have an adorable 3 year old daughter whom her siblings and everyone love! She was our missing puzzle piece in our family and put us all back together. I am forever grateful for Heather being around and helping me through everything at that dark time in my life

Euginia Ball


“After the birth of our second son, my marriage started to disintegrate. I was unsure of what was going on, and I was feeling very anxious. After several months of this, my husband ended up hurting me and our child. He was no longer in our lives, and I was in a really dark place.
I did not want to burden my family, and I certainly didn’t want to say anything to my friends. But, I had to talk to someone. I knew Heather well enough to know I could trust her with these things, so I reached out for help.
Not only did she come to my home and lend a listening ear, she helped me sort through my thoughts. She provided ideas and resources I had not thought about. She helped me realize that I was feeling exactly what anyone would feel while going through such a horrific time. At no moment did I feel judged about my mess of a house or my mess of life. She gave me hope. By the time Heather left, I knew that no matter what happens with my marriage, my children and I were going to be ok.
She was right. My children are thriving, and I am doing better than ever. In a moment of darkness, she opened the door and let the light shine in. It made all the difference.”

Jennifer Trapp


“I first met Heather when she invited me to teach breathing exercises to the MOMs group she led. Heather is gifted in creating safe spaces and supporting moms. I once saw her in target where she gave me the best, most needed hug. I knew she was full of love and support.”