Prenatal Meditation $20/session

I believe in the power of you! These 30 minute guided meditation sessions can help reduce anxiety, fear, and stress while also preparing you to utilize these breathing and relaxation techniques during labor.

Labor and Birth Support $750

As your labor and birth Doula I provide empathetic and non-judgemental support while we build our relationship discussing your options, your hopes, and your needs while incorporating your partner or support person so they can be just as prepared.

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Postpartum Support $20/hr

Support for you and your family doesn’t have to end once baby has arrived. During this time, you deserve someone who is devoted to making your days easier while you are devoted to recovering and nurturing your new baby!

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Journey Support $20/hr

Fertility treatments? Adoption? Planning for pregnancy? I would love to support you on any journey! Regardless of your circumstance I’m ready to hold space and walk along side you.

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Birth Preferences $40

Building your birth preferences can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you aren’t aware of all your options. I can help you put it together in a clear but kind way for your birth team.

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My services and personality are not going to be the right fit for everyone, and that’s ok! My goal is to provide support to the best of my abilities, which includes sharing the amazing resources of other Doulas, Lactation support, Childbirth Ed classes, etc!